Listen Now: Husky – Baby

Now, we have to admit – German DJ/producer, Husky, is extremely skilled. When we first discovered his music in March, we didn’t know exactly what to think. Fast forward to smashing singles, Love Games and Public Enemy, and we were immediately wired.

Well, “wired” may be an understatement, as Husky appeared twice more on The French Shuffle, featuring in 10 French Touch Artists You Should Know and 5 French Electro Jams to Dance to highlights. So, what is it about Husky?

There’s something really special about the dance floor grooves he dishes out, especially as he impresses listeners with distorted leads, unique resamples, hard-hitting synths and much more. Today, however, we step away from those headbanging noises and take a look at one of the German’s disco-funk releases, Baby.

You read that right. Husky is a jack of all trades, mixing and mangling many genres, and Baby is extremely different from what you’re accustomed to hearing from the young musician. With a light, future funk-esque approach in both sound and style, the disco track blends vintage vibes with new age swing and we love it.

Did we mention that the track is available as a free download? That’s right. Stream Baby now and download the track via Husky’s Soundcloud.



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