5 French Electro Jams to Dance To

Nowadays, it’s so much harder to find quality music, especially in the electronic music world. New DJs, producers, songwriters and vocalists constantly spring up overnight, seeking to earn their claim to fame. Luckily, our team at The French Shuffle has a treat for you, delivering a small selection of our favorite french electro singles at the moment.

Below, find musical gems from top-notch producers, including F.O.O.L, Miike More, Husky, and a few others. Enjoy:

Fool for Love (Remake)

Produced by: Ricco Harver

Why you should listen: Enigmatic music producer, Ricco Harver, is at it again. This time, he recreates the instrumental version of SebastiAn’s Fool for Love remix (in case you haven’t heard it, tune in here) from early 2013.

While the original Ed Banger release was well received, the instrumental went relatively unnoticed because of Das Pop’s well-crafted vocals. Fortunately, Harver sheds light on the classically-inspired soundtrack, bringing together a smooth surge of pianos, orchestral elements, and much more.

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Produced by: Miike More

Why you should listen: Most french electro fans haven’t heard of Russian DJ/producer, Miike More, but we’re certain you’ll be impressed. The Barnaul-based newcomer secured our mark of approval with earlier features, People Like Us and STRLGHT, and now he makes his return with this high-powered single.

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Produced by: J.A.C.K

Why you should listen: J.A.C.K burst onto the music scene roughly four years ago, unleashing monumental mashup, Living iPod.  Fast forward several years – the French talent has released a number of EPs, provided remix treatment for electronic music’s top artists, and has even collaborated with Besnine and The Noisy Freaks.

For awhile, we weren’t sure which direction he’d take his sound – as he had touched on bits of french electro, funk, and even experimental electronica – but now, the Frenchman returns to his roots in Inxs.

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Produced by: F.O.O.L

Why you should listen: One thing is for sure – Swedish producer, Rasmus Hermansen also known as F.O.O.L, has had his fair share of fame in recent years. Looking back at his previous work, we’ve seen a mixture of electro, indie dance and electro-funk singles and remixes from the skilled musician.

Whether his music was issued via Monstercat, Tasty Records, OMGITM, or another record label, each release had something to prove. And man, F.O.O.L definitely proved that his music was well worth it.

His single, Showdown? It doesn’t fall from the tree. Trust us, you’ll enjoy every bit of it.

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Superstar (Remix)

Produced by: Husky

Why you should listen: So, Husky is still relatively new to us at The French Shuffle. We found him this past March when his single, Love Games, was making rounds and we’ve been hooked since.

Though this is the first remix we’ve heard from the German artist, it definitely follows his original style, dazzling with crunchy leads, vintage kits and bright synths. Simply put, Superstar (Husky Remix) is where elegance intersects with energetic spirit.

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