The Team

Kai Street

Kai Street is the Founder and Owner of The French Shuffle. Currently, Kai works as a full-fledged marketing, technology, and communications consultant in a number of different capacities. When he’s not devising marketing strategies or creating new brands, you’ll find him writing music or reporting on music news here.


Louis ChantLouis Chant is a self-titled “wannabe journalist” with a passion for videogaming, motor sports, and creative writing. Don’t forget about his minor obsession for french house music! When he’s not writing for The French Shuffle, you can find him mumbling at The Mumbling Blog, where he writes quality reviews.

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Guillaume VeilleuxGuillaume Veilleux is a communications specialist hailing from Montreal, Canada. With a wicked ear for amazing music, Guillaume can be found writing some delightful reviews, hosting a sweet radio station, or reporting in Montreal’s booming music scene.


Charlotte JohnsonCharlotte Johnson has a prominent passion for music, varying from jazz and R&B to house and nu disco, and is currently working towards producing music of her own. When she’s not pondering various rhythms, melodies and methods, she loves to draw using pen and pencil mediums, inspired by her day-to-day encounters, people she admires, and her obsession with Japanese animation.


Daniel O'Brien

Daniel O’Brien is the newest addition to The French Shuffle team. With an excellent ear and remarkable taste in music, you can find him writing about all things Ed Banger, french house, and much more.



Joey O'Hare

Joey O’Hare is an Editor at The French Shuffle. Prior to his tenure here, he also published articles at Atlanta Electro. When he’s not cruising around by skateboard, traveling the world, or writing for The French Shuffle, you can find him making beats as Eido.


Arnoldo AlcalaArnoldo Alcala is a young photographer who loves to travel and experience different cultures. His passion for photography arose from his passion for art. Currently a graphic design major at Chicago State University – Arnoldo soon picked up his camera and has earned noticeable status amongst his peers. Check out Arnoldo’s visual work here.


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