10 French Touch Artists You Need To Know

Nothing can really compare to finding extremely talented artists and their new releases, especially in the French house and French electro music scenes. Almost every other day, we find unknown DJs and producers that are just waiting to be heard.

So today, we continue on that path, showcasing some of those upcoming musicians who have really impressed us – you’ll find sweet sounds from newcomers, including Husky, Miike More, Falcons, and several other acts. Tune in below to see who made the list:


Sounds like: A free-flowing fusion of light strings, colorful synth leads, and galactic bass lines.

Similar to: Lemaitre

Why you should listen: If you’re looking for a relatively identical sound to Norwegian duo, Lemaitre, then Arigato is the perfect one to listen to. The enigmatic DJ/producers are somewhat more experimental in approach and delivery, so you can expect to be thrown right into a wave of driving, yet tremendously rhythmic bass lines and melodies.

What to listen to: Breakbot – Baby I’m Yours (Arigato Remix)



Sounds like: That legacy bloghaus, electro-clash band that we all want to hear.

Similar to: Birdy Nam Nam

Why you should listen: Falcons serves as the ultimate reminder that indie-electro will never go out of style. Those of us that lived through the early days of the bloghaus era will quickly understand what we mean.

What to listen to: Falcons – Overlook



Sounds like: The Australian version of Xavier de Rosnay.

Similar to: Justice

Why you should listen: Okay, we know what you’re going to say – another Justice wannabe? Not quite. Though Filterkat does resemble the Ed Banger duo, the Melbourne-based artist tends to focus on injecting indie dance and electro-rock energy into all of his music.

What to listen toParade of Lights – Golden (Filterkat Remix)



Sounds like: What could be the anthem of MTV’s television program, Headbangers Ball, if it re-launched with electronic music, instead of heavy metal.

Similar to: NEUS, SebastiAn, Uppermost

Why you should listen: If you’re looking for that perfect blend of dirty disco, distorted electro, and raunchy indie dance, then Husky is your guy. While Ed Banger producer, SebastiAn, has been on hiatus, Husky has adequately filled the void.

What to listen to: Husky – Weird Taste



Sounds like: SebastiAn’s second cousin, twice removed.

Similar to: SebastiAn

Why you should listen: Like many above, this Parisian producer gets inspiration from Ed Banger prodigy, SebastiAn. What’s really interesting is that Loze tends to blend soft disco melodies with hulking bass leads, making for some really electrifying music. Don’t believe us? Find out for yourself.

What to listen to: SebastiAn – Motor (Loze Remix)


Miike More

Sounds like: A mix of Moosak’s electro-rock drive, Siriusmo’s magic-like energy, and Uppermost’s synthwork.

Similar to: Moosak, Siriusmo, Uppermost

Why you should listen: So, we just came across Miike More yesterday and we’re super excited to feature him today. From the little that we’ve heard, it seems that his releases tend to tell stories, taking listeners on continuously transformative sound journeys. One of his earlier singles, X, is a perfect example.

What to listen to: Miike More – X


Mr. Moustache

Sounds like: An intermingling of 70s disco noise, vintage synthesizers, and new school spirit.

Similar to: DatA, Justice

Why you should listen: For us, Mr. Moustache may be one of the quintessential, French electro artists of the new generation. We’ve seen him release 8 EPs, deliver remixes of Breakbot, Daft Punk, Justice, and more, and even feature as background music for one of Mountain Dew’s commercials. His style is fluid, his work seems effortless, and his sound is second to none.

What to listen to: KLARA. – Survival (Mr. Moustache Remix)



Sounds like: Justice, but with a bigger focus on dance-inducing sounds.

Similar to: Justice, Uppermost

Why you should listen: Murtagh just has this way of crafting very bold, yet immensely dynamic pieces of music. The thing that sets him apart from other producers is that his sounds will always make you want to dance. Listen in below and see for yourself.

What to listen toMurtagh – Crunch



Sounds like: Psychedelic rock meets French electro for the first time.

Similar to: Greed, J.A.C.K, Notion

Why you should listen: When we first listened to Pride, we instantly thought that he was J.A.C.K’s ambiguous side project. But, as time has passed, we’ve seen both producers slowly grow in different directions, with Pride taking the more jazzy approach with his neon-like leads and stylish synths.

What to listen to: Steige – Ombre (Pride Remix)


Ricco Harver

Sounds like: A beautiful thrash of aggressive synths, animated leads, and unique interpretations.

Similar to: none

Why you should listen: There’s really no one out there like Ricco Harver. Every time he releases a new track, we’re immediately wowed. Whether Harver is producing French electro or one of the many other genres he supports, his execution and delivery is no less than pristine.

What to listen to: Toby Fox – Megalovania (Ricco Harver Remix)

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