How Axel Le Baron Will Make Your Day Better

Believe it or not, music can really affect your day in a number of different ways. According to major news outlets, such as CNN and NPR, the brain “kind of works like a music recommendation system” and can unify listeners in thought, experiences and much more based on the genres you listen to. Enter masterful DJ/producer, Axel Le Baron – we’re certain the French house superstar will make your day better than ever before, with smooth installments of disco galore.

Now, we at The French Shuffle often find ourselves tuning into the sounds of disco, French house, indie dance, synthwave and even techno. But today, we focus solely on Axel Le Baron’s My Mind Is Old remix, which is filled with luscious disco grooves and neo-soul lyrics.

Taking on The Popopopops’s 2013 alt-pop single, Axel Le Baron stimulates the senses with a fusion of funky riffs, electric strings, elegant noises and much more. What’s most impressive is the Frenchman’s keen ability to hypnotize listeners with such simple elements.

A musical masterpiece? We think so. And, it’ll surely make your day better. Stream My Mind Is Old (Axel Le Baron Remix) now and download it here. Out now via independent record label, ZRP.