5 Reasons to Listen to La Zebra’s “Stay With Me”

Now, if you haven’t heard of Los Angeles-based DJ/producer, La Zebra, you’ve surely been missing out. We first stumbled upon the French house maestro’s funky sounds after revisiting La Valigetta’s pristine music collection from several years prior.

One track that immediately caught our attention? Well, it was La Zebra’s lovely release, Stay With Me. Below, find out why we tuned in and why you should listen to the underrated musician’s filter house single now:

  1. It’s a quintessential French house jam. Think resampled disco lyrics, bumping drum grooves, soul-funk cuts, shimmering guitars and much more.
  2. Daft Punk has yet to return to their traditional French house roots in recent years, taking more of an acoustic funk approach. Perhaps, Stay With Me can fill the void?
  3. Fast forward three minutes into the track. That sax solo is undeniably intoxicating.
  4. Listeners have described the track as “brilliant,” “super tune,” and even “unbelievably epic saxxy house.” Why wait any longer to press play?
  5. La Zebra’s sound closely resembles the likes of 95 Royale, Go Go Bizkitt! and several other tek-funk talents in the electronic music scene.

If those reasons didn’t convince you, then we don’t know what will. Stream Stay With Me now and download it here. Out now via Italian label, La Valigetta.

La Zebra



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