Listen: Panteros666 feat. ARME – DAP

Panteros666 has started his own label. Who would have expected that? It seems like the most genius thing for him to do, simply because most of his music is staggeringly diverse.

We first heard this track on his 2016 Boiler Room set in New York. He was joined by his fellow band mates from Club cheval and knocked down a swift and humbling half hour set. If you was a fan of Gabber and rave music, however, you was definitely in for a treat.

One of the tracks he played midway through, was an upcoming remix of ARME’s DAP DAP. The track in question has a notably slower feel, compared to its newer counterpart. Panteros666’s version, because of this, plays a key role in the release of his first EP on Panteros Media Galaxy.

We’ll leave you with the link to this song.

Liking this? Tell us what you think about Panteros666’s freshest track, since Baby F-16.