“Green Wires” Gets DJ DVD RIP Spin

When we last covered DJ DVD RIP, he released a captivating mixtape, teeming with unique and beautiful new music. Nearly 3 months later, he’s back with an interesting remix on Green Wires by SHE Spells Doom.

The original track in question, is a haunting and illustrious techno destroyer, proving that the Zambian producer can literally make anything. When DVD RIP gets his hands on the song, however, it’s a completely different story.

If we remember correctly, this song was teased for quite a long time across social media. It especially featured in the likes of The Phantom Revenge’s Vines and Instagram videos, which are all worth checking out if you get the time to.

Small print aside, Green Wires gets turned on its head, bringing forth a mysterious and breathtaking breakdown section in the second half of the track.

Getting restless, waiting to hear this track? Listen here and tell us what you think of this almighty new release.




SHE Spells Doom



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