Club cheval – Discipline [Album]

It’s been nearly a full year since we saw the premiere of Club cheval’s From The Basement To The Roof, a chilled track with monumentally good influences from the four-piece in music-making. A few months later, the title track, Discipline, popped up on the radar, gaining considerable airplay over in Australia.

Now it’s 2016 and we see the release of Discipline, a carefully structured algorithm, consisting of 15 ‘lean and mean’ tracks, all waiting to pounce.

The album opens with Debut, a trippy and wacky introduction into the world of Club cheval, before coasting into the power-driven ballad that is Young Rich and Radical, which had an amazing rework under the abbreviation “YRAR” before its release.

In-between tracks however is where the Frenchmen start to shine, each with their own sort of interlude, adapting all sorts of different styles into the ever-evolving mix. Think of it as a trimmed down version of Panteros666’s track, Horreo.

Other tracks like Scream and Legends further cement their place in the electronic music industry, with Legends having a neat little intro, along with an actual choir performing the vocals. After the absolute ‘hair-raising’ journey that is Discipline, the album comes to an emotional end with Dream On.

Club cheval have really outdone themselves this time with their debut album, compared to their earlier releases on the Bromance label. In conclusion, its the energetic production values that rate them above most artists in the genre, which will ultimately lead to some of tracks being remembered for a while to come.

Discipline is now available on CD and digitally on the likes of Amazon and iTunes, as well as being streamable at the likes of Spotify and Apple Music.

Club cheval