Listen: Suken – Cosmic Travel

If you think about it, cosmic space travel is a phenomenon that we may never be able to achieve in our lifetime. Sure, we’ve landed on the moon, sent unmanned spacecraft to places such as Mars and Jupiter, but will we ever know what it feels like to space travel?

Thankfully, that feeling can come in the form of Suken’s latest blockbuster of a hit – Cosmic Travel.

The guys over at Sexy Brut have been doing mighty well, we must say. If you missed it, they played a nice concert down in Los Angeles in April, filled with a star-studded lineup. BASTION also released their new single, Astral, but Suken’s latest is the real talk of the town.

Beginning with a startling build-up, the French musician shows no signs of slowing down, exploding into an engrossing and fantastic bass-laden fantasy. We especially love the ambience and sombre tones of the track, really giving it that extra kick. A perfect piece on Sexy Brut’s discography, you could say.

Have a listen to the track here and see what you think.