Loze Revives 80s Spirit in “Atlantic Disco”

Though we’ve only known about Parisian artist, Loze, for roughly one year, the skilled musician has already won us over with his disco-charged sounds and electric rhythms. Really, the Frenchman has impressed on all fronts, releasing quality remixes of Depêche Mode, Justice, Daft Punk, and Phoenix, along with some breathtaking original work.

In fact, we highlighted Loze’s single, Tort, not too long ago. Little did we know, he had cooked up another miraculous track, Atlantic Disco, too.

Just imagine if Uffie, L’Étranger, and Fibre decided to start a french electro supergroup. Well, Atlantic Disco would the lead track. Resampled disco bits, fuzzy electro melodies, and jaw-dropping raps aside –  you’ll be bobbing your head and screaming out “I’m in love with these disco sirens” in no time.

Don’t believe us? Listen to Atlantic Disco and find out for yourself.



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