Lagune Unveils French Electro Single, “In Rain”

It’s time to welcome Future Society Collective DJ/producer, Lagune, to The French Shuffle. The disco-funk wizard just recently unveiled a vibrant new single, In Rain, which is packed with french electro rhythms and avant-garde noises.

Like Mr. Moustache or Pride? Then, Lagune will fit perfectly in your music collection. Here’s what the Brighton native had to say about the new release:

“I hope you enjoy my new track! Sorry for being inactive lately,” says Lagune. “I am working on an EP at the moment. I was holding back on releasing this one since I wanted it to be part of the EP, but I decided that it wasn’t suited stylistically. I have a few collaborations and maybe a few singles coming up. But my main target now are to meet the objectives I’m setting out for myself with the EP.”

Stream Lagune’s In Rain now and download the single here.




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