Cosmo’s Midnight Talk History and Their Next Australian Tour


Where do we start with Cosmo’s Midnight?

You may know them for a number of reasons – but our heart lies with their substantially tender and enlightening remixes, as well as their capability to produce some fine ass original pieces.

Take Walk With Me for a great example – how can you not like this?

Join us as we chat with Cosmo and Patrick about what they’ll be up to in the near future.


FS: Cosmo’s Midnight! It’s a pleasure to talk with you.

You’ve got a new single out now and an Australian tour in the works for 2017. How did you manage to contain your excitement with all this raring to go?

CM: We kept it wrapt up as we fiddled with the final parts of the song. You can’t get excited till the song is perfect!

FS: Let’s talk about “History”. What’s the story behind this track?

CM: We started writing this song a while ago and actually recorded the vocals down in Melbourne after a rough night of celebration (I think it was our birthday week). We were all pretty crusty but what came out of the session was so fun and catchy. Couldn’t be happier.

FS: That’s absolutely fantastic to hear!

Speaking of History though, who’s that fantastic vocalist behind those wicked beats?

CM: The vocalist will have to remain anonymous, but she is a great friend and super talented!

FS: Fair play, we’ll just have to find out some other day!

So you’re going on tour from March to April in Australia – you have any plans to bring along any special guests at all?

CM: For this tour we really want to make it extremely special, hopefully getting closer to the audience and making it even more of a performance. I love the idea of there being nothing between us and the crowd when we play.

FS: From past experience, which places have partied the hardest?

CM: I’d say LA goes in pretty hard, but our home town always knows how to have fun.

FS: Something silly now.

In a tag team wrestling match, who would win out of you or Peking Duk?

CM: Peking Duk would wreck us, we’re fragile and pacifists at heart.

FS: Awwwww man, we got excited for a second there…

Last question for you, can you name three artists that caught your eye in 2016?

CM: 3 artists that we’re paying attention to right now and were making cool moves in 2016 would probably have to be Sam Gellaitry, Bonzai and Swindail (who is on the up and such a nice guy). Expecting big things from the last two names there.

FS: We’ll definitely keep an eye on those artists in the future. Swindail is already impressing us, in our opinion!

Thanks to the folks over at The Astral People and Cosmo’s Midnight themselves for the interview. You can check out their socials below:

Grab their new single here.

Cosmo’s Midnight



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