Camino 84 Performs “Oh My” Live with Sidney Gish

Has it really been that long since we heard Oh My?

Back in August, we covered Boston-based musician, Camino 84 and his uplifting track, Oh My. Since then, Camino has gone on to release a new EP, which garnered a large slice of attention from the disco community, as well as some sections of Reddit.

It’s 2017 now and courtesy of slap, Camino and the vocalist responsible for the holy grail that is Oh My, have returned to perform their collaboration live.

Taken from Camino 84’s Twitter page, he talks about how “The main thing I remember thinking was wow I haven’t played this MicroKorg in a bit, the keys are so tiny, I’m hitting so many wrong keys.”

Hilariously enough though, he manages to pull it off.

Another noteworthy addition would have to be how stunning Sidney Gish’s voice is live. We can definitely see more collaborations with her and Camino in the near future.

Camino 84



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