Sedat The Turkish Avenger’s Best Tracks

Here at The French Shuffle, we love to change things up a bit. So we’ve decided to do a post on one of French House’s most influential frontrunners. Known for his unique take on the genre, Sedat Erdogan, (aka Sedat The Turkish Avenger) produces high-quality music, similar to the likes of the greats in the industry, such as Alan Braxe, Lifelike and more.

He’s appeared on many different labels too. The infamous Crydamoure had him on the label for a single, as well as Alan Braxe’s Vulture Music, for a few releases.

Sedat The Turkish Avenger

Literally borrowing his own name from the song, Sedat knocks it out of the park, with this filtered up bonanza of sounds and samples. It made it onto Crydamoure’s first Waves album and even got a release on 12″ vinyl. See what the fuss is all about:

Make Way

Not much is known about this next track, but Make Way is probably one of our favourite tunes produced by the man himself. With an avid sample of Amii Stewart’s Bring It On Back To Me, Sedat gets to work implementing nostalgic basslines and more.

Take Me Ce Soir

Sedat’s most popular track by far has to be Take Me Ce Soir. In our opinion as well, the track has been sampled phenomenally, with a trademark French House kick and bassline. This track was also released on 12″ along with Da Red Knight, which is definitely worth a listen, if you get around to it!


Last on our list is the Vulture Music released, Sunrise. This track is a lot different compared to his other deep house cuts, instead opting for a purely ‘electronic’ route and surely enough, it goes down a treat. If you liked this track, why not check out Genesis, that was featured on the same record?