Boys Noize, Plays An Unreleased Daft Punk Remix On His Latest Mix

Although a lot of people seem to be swooped away by the new announcement of Justice’s next album and the new single supposedly releasing today titled Randy, Boys Noize has blown us all away, playing an unreleased Daft Punk remix on his Roulé/Crydamoure tribute mix.

Quickly ripped and uploaded to YouTube by Reddit user, Le_Daft_Knight, we get to hear 2 minutes of pure unadulterated Daft Punk goodness. It’s baffling that a track of this magnitude was never released!

Alongside this unreleased remix however, Boys Noize puts his heart and soul into a tribute mix for the boys over at Daft Punk and it’s fantastic to say the least.

You can listen to the remix below and hear the full mix on Mixcloud here.

UPDATE: This appears to be a remix of N.E.R.D’s She Wants To Move, but it definitely sounds like it belongs on the Crydamoure label, more than Roulé.

Boys Noize



Daft Punk