So French Records Release Their Sixth Installment of “The Summer Time Compilation”

So French Records, are back with their sixth installment in the “Summer Time” compilation series and guess what? It’s as big and as better and ever, with appearances from the likes of Allure and The Supermen Lovers keeping you on the edge of your seat.

The compilation starts off strong with “Discotech” from Dealers De Funk, a track that’s as Summer-y as it gets, before whittling into the heart-stopping “Aurora” by Allure that was featured on his 2014 release, “Fantasy”.

Yearning for more? The Supermen Lovers, famed for his track “Starlight”, also features on the compilation along with the likes of French Electro maestro, Moosak and Prague-based musician, Atrey.

All in all, this is definitely a release to invest some time into! Who knows, you might end up with a few new tracks that you never thought you’d like.

So French Records