Moosak – Skull’s Empire LP

Our good friends over at So French Records have had a new release today! The Skull’s Empire LP by Polish musician Moosak is one of those albums which is absolutely mind-blowing from start to finish, shall we take a look?

We start off with The Atomic, a track with a soft instrumental which then escalates into a massive drop, a lot like an atomic bomb…it’s waiting to blow. Origin is an high-octane continuation of the last track, full to the brim with thunderous basses. Angel is very much like acid house, loud and infectious and it’ll take your head off. That’s until it builds up to the absolutely amazing chorus!

Girls includes some ‘fancy’ vocal-work, drawing inspiration from Justice’s TthhEe PpAaRRtTYY and rightly so, it’s one hell of a banger! Frenchise is what you get if you cross French Touch and rock, it’s one hell of a combo. Wondering what the future may sound like? Then look no further. Sound Of Future is a futuristic electronic track with rock elements and an absolutely amazing bassline, a must listen! Time Machine is a track which sounds like a science-fiction TV theme, eerie and catchy, it will get stuck in your head for days to come.

Fluster and Let Me Take Back My Life are both electronic masterpieces in their own right, both are very well done tracks but we now move on to the last track on the LP. Final is the crème de la crème, essentially the icing on top of the prodigious cake that is Skull’s Empire. Moosak definitely saves the best until last with this over-the-top electro track which would get any crowd jumping, even I jumped out of my seat many times writing this article listening to the track!

All in all, Moosak’s debut album is one that you will dwell upon for quite a while. Each tracks is absolutely fantastic in their own right! Check out the album below and purchase a copy here!

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