8 Elegant French House Artists to Listen to

French house fans – ready to bring funk back to the music scene? Well, today’s your lucky day. We’ve compiled a list of the next generation of french house artists, which are certain to keep you dancing all night long. Tune in below as we highlight work from these up-and-comers, including sounds from Android Apartment, Phietto, La Zebra and more.

Android Apartment

Why You Should Listen: Resampled goodness? That’s exactly what you can expect from London-based producer, Android Apartment. The Italian musician has truly mastered the art of bringing classic tracks to the contemporary era and we can’t even imagine what he’ll cook up next.

What to Listen to: Android Apartment – Can’t Hold Back Your Lovin’

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Why You Should Listen: Although B-Sights is fairly new to us at The French Shuffle, the Belgian maestro is, without a doubt, a French house fiend. He describes his music as “some fresh Belgian beats with a French touch” and we’d have to agree. What do you think?

What to Listen to: Why Don’t We – Something Different (B-Sights Remix)

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Why You Should Listen: Summer disco energy, soulful samples, creamy filters and light guitar riffs? That’s the best way to characterize Jetique’s funk-charged sound. And, we wouldn’t have it any other way.

What to Listen to: Jetique – I Remember

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La Zebra

Why You Should Listen: Although La Zebra has featured on The French Shuffle before for Stay With Me, we’ve had a lot of time to listen to his discography, prompting another shoutout. The Eskimo Recordings artist really knows how to tap into the perfect set of sounds and take you places. Just see for yourself.

What to Listen to: La Zebra – Night Grooves

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Why You Should Listen: Let’s all welcome newcomer, Mokoa, to The French Shuffle. After hunting for some intoxicating tek-funk grooves, we found the sounds of this London-based musician and we haven’t looked back since.

What to Listen to: Mokoa – Passion

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Why You Should Listen: What happens when electro swing meets french house? You get one of the most funky tracks to-date. Really, Phietto’s Lone Digger remix delivers all of that and more, bringing fresh jazz noises and neo-dance accents to the forefront.

What to Listen to: Caravan Palace – Lone Digger (Phietto Remix)

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Why You Should Listen: When listeners describe one of your latest tracks as “straight flame,” “top groove” and “WOW,” you know that you’re doing something right. That’s the case with Canadian act, Tendencies, and hit single, Tokyopop. Does it get any better than this? We’ll let you be the judge of that.

What to Listen to: Tendencies – Tokyopop

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Tsundere Alley

Why You Should Listen: And finally, we have Tsundere Alley. Regardless of the producer’s sound or style, the french house act creates music with a purpose. To celebrate the holidays, Tsundere Alley released a new single, Got Me Feeling Like, and donated all proceeds to RORA Aid, a program to benefit charities, this year benefitting Child’s Play Charity (childsplaycharity.org).

What to Listen to: Tsundere Alley – Got Me Feeling Like

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