Listen Now: 7 Must-Hear Disco Tracks

It’s officially Wednesday! Know what that means? We’ve made it halfway through the week, so it’s time to get the grooves going. And, there’s no better way to do that than with a hand-picked selection of must-hear disco tracks. So, tune in below as we check out some of the best new disco tracks in the music scene, including singles from Kraak & Smaak, Roisto and more.


Produced By: Pablo J & The Lobsterettes

Why You Should Listen: Described as “glitchtastic,” “nice and creative” and “funky as shit,” Pablo J & The Lobsterettes’s single, Brenda, is the ultimate disco jam. From its electric leads and chopped vocals to its smooth rhythms and disco-charged synths, the 3-minute track packs the perfect punch.

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Bruised (Lenno Remix)

Produced By: Morgxn

Why You Should Listen: Lenno’s remix prowess is known worldwide, having taken on musical greats, including Jai Wolf, The Knocks and Peking Duk. Ready to add one more to that list? Well, look no further – Lenno’s remix of Morgxn’s Bruised is one for the books.

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Disco Science

Produced By: Mirwais

Why You Should Listen: Let’s slow down things a bit with French record producer/songwriter, Mirwais. 1999 release, Disco Science, is an early club hit that fuses dance accents and disco bits all in one, and we love it.

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Fresh (Justin Faust Remix)

Produced By: Daft Punk // Justin Faust

Why You Should Listen: Remember when we discovered Daft Punk’s Fresh sample last year? Well, German DJ/producer, Justin Faust, took advantage of the find and created his own club remix of the 1997 hit single. Check it out!

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Produced By: Kraak & Smaak

Why You Should Listen: Here’s an installment of late night party energy for you. Kraak & Smaak’s Hendo maintains deliciously funky vibes and soothing spirit by mesmerizing listeners with rolling bass lines and bright leads. Simply put, it’s melodically blissful.

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Saturate (Roisto Remix)

Produced By: Ghassemi // Roisto

Why You Should Listen: Ghassemi and Roisto, all in one? What more could you ask for! Roisto’s remix of Saturate dishes out a nod to 70s and 80s disco eras, with soulful sounds ushering our ears along. Though its vintage in style, it certainly has a new age vigor to it, which will keep you dancing all night long.

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The Future (Purple Disco Machine Remix)

Produced By: Motez // Purple Disco Machine

Why You Should Listen: And last, but not least, we have Purple Disco Machine’s The Future remix. Glowing guitars, funk licks, light kits and airy leads? That’s exactly what you can expect in this one. It’s smooth in style and flawless in execution.

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