4 Funky Tracks to Jam Out to This Week

Music that makes you move? That’s exactly what we’re bringing to you today. So, grab your speakers, crank up the volume and get in the mood, as we deliver a hand-picked selection of four funky tracks that you’ll be jamming out to this week.


Produced By: Mr. Wax

Why You Should Listen: Who wouldn’t want to get down to this acid jazz-funk medley? It’s the perfect fusion of neon sound and electric energy, which hits the soul just right. You won’t be disappointed!

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Produced By: Bazz

Why You Should Listen: After a lengthy hiatus, Tokyo DJ/producer, Bazz, returns with soothing sounds and light-hearted funk in new single, Qualia. There are definitely remnants of his traditional style, with a small injection of fresh accents. Tune in now!

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Produced By: Ev.exi

Why You Should Listen: We first came across Ev.exi last month, when doing a roundup of 14 incredibly good (& new) french house songs. Since then, we’ve had the Glasgow artist’s work on repeat! If you liked Ev.exi’s single, Parallel, in our last feature, then this one is a must-hear. If you’re a new listener, kick back and enjoy – you’re in for a treat!

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Produced By: Daze

Why You Should Listen: And last, but not least, we have this 2015 gem from French maestro, Daze. Though we’ve had the pleasure of listening to the single for quite some time, we thought we’d share one of our funkiest favorites with you.

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