Filterkat’s Latest Remix is Pure Gold

Filterkat is really paving the way in the French disco scene. Over the years, we’ve heard the Melbourne-based DJ/producer come in with a number of wicked singles, including Got The Funk and Don’t You Wanna, as well as a slew of high-profile remixes. Today, however, we take a look at his latest creation: a remix of Adian Coker’s lighthearted hip-hop release, 24 Carat.

Now, if you haven’t heard the original track, be sure to tune in here because Filterkat’s rendition takes a completely different approach. With crisp guitar accents, shimmering rhodes pianos, glassy kits and perfectly sampled vocals, the Australian musician turns 24 Carat into pure gold.

We have to warn you though – this remix is slightly different than what you’re accustomed to hearing from Filterkat. Don’t expect to hear ultra-distorted leads or smashed-to-bits noise here. This one will keep you relaxed all night long.

Stream 24 Carat (Filterkat Remix) now and download it here. Available for free download via The Artist Union.




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