Loze Takes on Justice’s Single, “Stress”

It appears Loze is slowly making his return to the limelight, having released a mixtape, two remixes and a single in the past three months. Keep in mind, the French DJ/producer has been hard at work in the studio, crafting his long-awaited LP. While we wait for the majestic Frenchman to wow us with his new record, however, let’s set our sights on his (relatively) new remix of Justice’s iconic single, Stress.

Simple in style, but distorted in nature is the best way to describe Loze’s take on the 2007 hit. It resamples the most distinct noises and trinkets from the original release, while adding in a relentless low-end and swift drum cuts. And, though Loze is most known for laying down smashing French electro jams, this one definitely takes a more indie-electro approach.

Ideally, if you enjoyed the bloghaus era, this remix will be perfect for you. It has that Klaxons-esque sound with the Trash Yourself energy. All in all, it’s a 7/10 in our books, but a 10/10 in our hearts.

Stream Stress (Loze Remix) now and grab a copy of the track here. Available as a free download via ToneDen.