Tobtok Returns With “Rooftops (Aber)”

It’s nice to hear some new music from Tobtok! Our good friends over at Perfect Havoc, have graced us with another splendid release from the Swedish wonderkid.

Guess what? This track is actually a vocal mix of another track that Tobtok made, quite a while ago. Remember Aber? Good. He has really nailed it with this one.

Lyrics from Romanian-based singer, Sorana, have given this song a new lease of life. It’s something really spectacular that he has put together.

The original song in question, managed to rack up over 1 million streams on streaming services such as Spotify. So, who knows? Maybe he’ll smash that record with this latest single.

If you liked this track, then you’ll love his remix of Sunset Sons’ Remember. It’s full of all the lovely and appetising sounds that fans of Tobtok know and adore.