A Chat With Ed Banger’s Latest Signee: Borussia


Dance floor destroyer and techno whiz kid, Borussia, has garnered a lot of attention in his long and fateful career. Only just recently however, he signed to one of the best labels in the industry, Ed Banger.

With a forte of remixes and releases under his belt, Borussia continues to create some of the most mesmerizing and intricate electronic music of our generation.


FS: Hey Borussia! You’ve just signed a new contract to be on Ed Banger roster for another EP release. How do  you feel about being on one of the worlds most prestigious labels?

B: Releasing music on Ed Banger is what I always dreamed of and what I always worked for, so when it happened it felt… fair. But to be honest right now, with the new EP coming up – I mostly feel like I have a lot to do, especially proving myself as a DJ, since I’m not producing club music just for the sake of “being the new guy on Ed Banger”

FS: While being on Ed Banger, do you want to work with anyone in particular on the label?

B: I’m quite impossible to work with, so if I had to collaborate with someone else I guess I’d try to spare Ed Banger’s artists. Though I would have loved to meet Mehdi, and do my fanboy routine where I ask him what compressor he uses and shit.

FS: DJ Mehdi is a great choice! Maybe we could see a remix of one of his tracks someday? Regarding your latest EP release, Sour Stroke – what’s your favourite track off there?

B: Gradient Groove! I learned a lot doing that track, was pretty cool to realise how much I could do with so little elements.

FS: We loved Gradient Groove too, as well as Sequence Shift… That track was trippy. 

You also just released your remix for Mr. Oizo’s No Tony. Why do you love to play this track out so often?

B: I love Oizo, I love Italo disco, the track was awfully short. This is it. You should see me at 6am lip syncing every punchline like a retard « Il piano forte, il sax de bruto ! »

FS: Are there any other favourites you like to play?

B: Lately I’ve been playing a lot of stuff from a newcomer called Cohn, he already has a signature sound, and he always delivers!

FS: Lastly, what has been your favourite release of 2016?

B: The Dark Souls III OST hands motherfucking down!

FS: Ahhhh… We’ve never been able to get our heads around how complicated and difficult Dark Souls is, but heck. The soundtrack is definitely gorgeous.

Thanks to Borussia and Ed Banger Records for their time today! You can check out Borussia’s social medias below. 

(Credit to Blanche Bourgeois for the main photo)




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