Pride Delivers Laidback Single, “Laniakéa”

If you tuned into Pride’s last release, Terre, then you know that the French talent has managed to maintain his unique style and flavor, even throughout the influx of popularized electronic music productions.

Though his musical tone hasn’t completely shifted, it seems that his new work has taken on new life, slightly moving away from typical french electro noises, like distorted synths and piercing leads. Rather, the Frenchman’s latest releases see him focus more on engaging with smooth basslines, tight kits, and fluid melodies.

Pride’s new single, Laniakéa, follows that exact suit. Beginning with a mixture of lush atmospheres and cinematic sounds, the track slowly progresses into a crisp, yet serene, electro anthem. Not exactly what one would expect from a track classified as french touch, right?

Regardless, electro, disco-pop, and indie dance fans, alike, will enjoy this. So, turn up the volume, stream Laniakéa below, and show your support for Pride.




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