Aeroplane Chats About His Favourite Gig, The Return Of Justice And More


The nu-disco legend that is Vito De Luca (aka Aeroplane), has established himself as a pioneer of the nu-disco and Balarican music scene, as well as remixing some huge names such as Charli XCX and Justin Timberlake.

Where would you likely see him play out? Somewhere hot. With a cocktail in one hand and his other hand on the decks…


FS: Hey all! Today we’ve managed to chat with nu-disco musician, Aeroplane, about all manner of things, so we’re just going to jump straight into it!

So your latest collaboration with Purple Disco Machine, “Sambal”, is out now. How did this opportunity come around?

A: I played a lot of PDM stuff in my sets, it’s a great blend of disco and house for when I play bigger rooms, so I always liked his stuff. One day, an email came in that he wanted to do something with me, so we found the time and the place, his studio in Germany, and we came up with three tracks, one of them was Sambal, the other two are still works in progress.

FS: So we have a lot more to look forward to from you two then I assume! Speaking of collaborations, You have also collaborated with Alex Metric on your joint project, Metroplane. Can we expect any new material from you two as well? We loved your last track!

A: Thanks! We are in the process of finishing a second EP yes. We are also going on a pretty big US Metroplane tour in August.

FS: Are there any musicians you have a keen eye on at the moment?

A: New? I’m not sure, I’m always late to get into new stuff, I have my head too deep in old music, that’s where I get my inspiration from. For example I only started listening to Tame Impala with this record, so they are new to me. I’m also discovering a lot of new artists from the Detroit and Chicago scene, or affiliated with that sound. The “Analog House” scene like they call it, there are a lot of great producers, old or new, with music coming out on small vinyl labels. I don’t really care about vinyl as a medium but it’s the reason why these artists are more difficult to discover, their music is aimed at a very specific public.

As a side note, something like Apple Music really changed the way I discover new artists. I bought one of those Bluetooth speakers and I have new music playing all the time in the background while I do other things. It definitely allowed me to discover a lot of artists, in all genres, and once you find something or someone you like, it also allows you to go down the rabbit hole of a very specific scene and learn more about it, or to go and listen to the past releases of said artists.

FS: Well said. I’ve been discovering many new artists from Spotify myself recently, it’s pretty neat that you now have the ability to search for different types of music so easily nowadays. Will you be playing any of the major festivals this summer?

A: One that comes to mind is Splash House in Palm Springs. I’ll be in America for most of the summer so I won’t be doing many European festivals.

FS: Something that has been on our lips for a very long time, is the long awaited return of Justice. Are you looking forward to their new album?

A: Not exactly looking forward, but it’s something that I’m always curious about. I discovered them when I had a record store and We Are Your Friends came out, it was definitely standing out and was a big seller back then and an undeniable hit, but I wasn’t really down with the album. I was much more into the sound of the second album; more organic and less French House/Ed Banger-y. It was more in line with the music I like. But like I said, I am definitely curious about that they will come up with for this one.

FS: Lastly, where would you say would be your favourite place to play live? It can be anywhere in the world.

A: I’ve had my share of great gigs, I have been lucky. There are some of them that I definitely would love to play again. Coachella is an obvious one, but Flow Festival in Helsinki for example was a highlight of my career and one of the most enjoyable I’ve done, would definitely would love to play that again. But let’s say my ideal gig would be outdoor, sunset, next to some sort of water, pool or ocean. What I play as a DJ is definitely suited for it. So that already narrows it down. I’m thinking LA, or some Brazilian beach…

FS: It’s absolutely fantastic that you’ve played the likes of Coachella and many other amazing venues. We definitely envy you! Thank you again for chatting with us Aeroplane, you can check out his social medias below if you wanna check out more of his stuff:




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