Tame Impala – Currents [Album]

Every once in a while comes along an album which pushes the boundaries along the lines of music-making, Tame Impala have been known to do just that with their album Lonerism which was widely received as a critical success and laid the foundation for other artists to create their music along the lines of theirs. Fast-forward three years and we return with Currents, expanding on the last album even with an added kick.

It starts with Let It Happen, a track which I’ve always identified as Tame Impala’s “cream of the crop” and once remixed by Soulwax, delves deeper into the indie electro abyss. Passing the epic guitar-play of the last track, Nangs uses some trippy synths in a three-minute epic that can’t be afforded to miss, while The Moment, takes that formula and develops on it, displaying that signature Tame Impala sound.

We slow it down now with Yes I’m Changing, an emotional effigy about someone saying goodbye to a past lover, but realising that there’s a whole other world out there to explore and new people to meet. Before you know it though, Eventually crashes onto the scene, blowing the listeners minds with its notable opening guitar riff.

From this point onwards, tracks seem to develop and change into different perspectives. From Disciples old-school feel, to ‘Cause I’m A Man’s uplifting vibes which would then go on to be remixed by American triple act, HAIM. No mistakes are made with my favourite track on the album though, The Less I Know The Better, which is catchy and memorable as the brightest day of the year.

Tame Impala



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