Out Now: The Great Electronic Swindle

There’s something seriously mesmerizing about new sounds coming from masked musicians. Perhaps, it’s the combination of mystery, music and marvel that drives our interest? Regardless, this feature will bring you much more than the common sound superhero ever could. Today, we take a look at The Bloody Beetroots’s latest LP, The Great Electronic Swindle.

Now, if you’re an avid Bloody Beetroots fan (like many of us at The French Shuffle), you’ve certainly witnessed the adaptation of Sir Bob Rifo’s musical style over the years. We first fell in love with the dance-punk demonstrations of singles, like WARP 1.9RomboI Love The Bloody Beetroots and Awesome, followed by a slew of indie electro remixes.

Then, there was the Death Crew 77 era, which saw Rifo team up with Tommy Tea and drummer Edward Grinch. What happened here was a re-imagination of live performances and the introduction of more classically-inspired sounds. In our heads, this placed The Bloody Beetroots well above many contemporary musicians.The Bloody Beetroots


What we didn’t expect, though, was Rifo’s next move – a deeper dive into electronic dance music and the intermingling of dance-punk and electro house. Think singles, such as Church of NoiseRawRocksteady and Please Baby. The beginning of a new era? We think so.

That brings us to The Great Electronic Swindle – The Bloody Beetroots’s latest 20-track LP, which features the likes of Perry Farrell, Eric Nally, Greta Svabo Bech and many other talented artists. See what Rifo had to say about his new release:

“Years in the making, I am truly humbled by the beauty that so many great artists chose to share with me… and now with you… in making this record,” says Rifo. “It is now your record. I hope it brings you some of the joy, happiness, sorrow, anger, pain and love that it brought me in its creation.”

All in all, the new record fuses classical inspiration, rock melodies and indie dance with dubstep influences, new wave and more. It’s transformative, sentimental, hard-hitting, somber, and fresh all in one. Potentially, the album of the year? Only time will tell.

Stream the entire LP now and download it here. Out via Last Gang Records.

Bloody Beetroots



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