Desembra’s “Ramramram” Is a Funk Joyride

Desembra is his name and electronic music is his game. Hailing from Sweden, the multi-genre DJ/producer is primarily known for his musical ventures in the dubstep and drum & bass arenas, though French electro enthusiasts will certainly dig this next single from the gifted musician.

Titled Ramramram, Desembra’s electronic-meets-funk medley blends elements of traditional electro with stylized guitar chops, metallic kits, and atmospheric leads. Fan of Uppermost? Then, you’re in for a treat.

The three-minute release does really well to maintain its mesmerizing rhythms, while still driving with robust bass lines and high-powered synths. And, if you listen closely, you may just hear a sample of SebastiAn’s megahit, Arabest.

Oh, and did we mention Ramramram is available for free download? That’s right. Grab a copy of the track and stream it now.