Listen Now: OB99 – Bricolage

Remember 1982 hit, Free and Easy, by Plush? Well, French house DJ/producer, OB99, unveiled a gnarly revamp of the single just a few weeks ago. Any disco demons out there tuning in? You’ll love this.

Released as part of his Pisces EP, Bricolage is a four-minute fusion of filtered synth leads, disco-infused energy, and rhythmic grooves, not to mention samples of Plush’s iconic funk track. In no time at all, OB99 grabs our attention, with his slick bass lines and colorful melodies satisfying every one of our tek-funk desires.

Fan of Tightshirt, Go Go Bizkitt!?, or Tendencies? Then, don’t waste anymore time.

Stream Bricolage now and download it here.




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