Lemaitre @ XOYO London

If you haven’t already heard of Lemaitre, then you need to step out from that cryogenic freezer! Seriously though, Lemaitre have been making the rounds lately, with beautiful electro beats and catchy lyrics & rhythms alike. Thanks to the guys over at Lemaitre’s management, we were able to experience the London date from their Afterglow Tour and this is how it all panned out.

XOYO is a club situated right next to Old Street tube station. It’s a simple ride away from Bank station on the Northern line, if you’re interested in all that jazz. It was one of my first times entering a nightclub, beside the one in my hometown – so, I had high expectations with XOYO.

Luckily enough, the club managed to deliver and the atmosphere was almost homely, compared the hostility of clubs back home. Upon entering, I managed to pile-drive my way to the front (almost) and could see the plethora of instruments that Lemaitre were set to use for the live show.

It was all too surreal, really. I’ve been a fan of Lemaitre for quite sometime now, so to see them actually live in the flesh was something else. The Norwegian duo were accompanied by their traveling band, on hand to deliver some spectacular musical numbers and live performances.

The first big occurrence of the night took place when the white symbol in the background of the stage fell down on the top of the band, while in the middle of playing Stepping Stone. We’ve got exclusive video footage of the incident here.

After that monumental accident, Lemaitre had to pack up and leave because their entire set had been ruined by a fallen stage prop. Actually, that’s not what happened at all. They picked themselves back up from the disaster and blasted straight into hit tracks, Time To Realize and We Got U.

Unfortunately, The Knocks were not available on hand to duet with Lemaitre, but the performance was still stunning and the crowd was as rowdy as ever. Rounding off the show, Lemaitre played their most popular track to date, Closer.

As it was expected, the band really gave it their all for this last performance, implementing their lushious jams alongside an even cooler impromptu guitar solo. This was the end of their London date.

I left the venue, stumbling home into the London Underground and onto the National Rail services where I live. By the way, when I mean stumble, I mean that my legs were unable to move because I was standing up for so long.

Until next time, Lemaitre.