Listen to H.A.L’s Classically-Inspired “Renaissance”

Last time French DJ/producer, H.A.L, appeared on The French Shuffle, he entertained us with thrilling single, Press Escape. The 2015 release merged all of the things we love about Justice with hints of rock-driven, SebastiAn-esque leads.

Now, the Frenchman has returned once again, bringing along classically-inspired track, Renaissance. Think you’re ready for this? We hope so.

In a 3-minute string of piano melodies, distorted sawtooth bass lines, and chopped-up vocals, the French Touch whiz delivers. Any and all Bastion fans will surely enjoy this.

With this beautiful creation under his belt, it makes us wonder what H.A.L has in store for 2017. But, as always, only time will tell. For now, stream H.A.L’s Renaissance and show your support for the Parisian talent.