An Interview With: The Aston Shuffle


We would be shocked if you haven’t heard of The Aston Shuffle and their absolutely splendid music by now. The Australian duo, have turned many heads, with their supreme remixes and lavish original compositions on The Magician’s Potion label. Today, we chat to them about all things music and their new mixtape series, titled Only 100s.


FS: Hi everyone! Today we’ve got a special interview with the guys over at The Aston Shuffle, to talk about their latest Only 100s mix and more!

Firstly though – It’s 2017. What have you got in the pipeline for the rest of the year?

AS: We’ve just put the finishing touches on our new single so you should be hearing the deets about it real soon! We’ve just started back up on our Friday Night Shuffle radio show and just started a brand new mixtape series called ‘Only 100’s’.

FS: Speaking of Only 100s, you just released your January 2017 mixtape.

What are some of your favourite tracks on there?

AS: Yeah, we just dropped our January edition of Only 100s. We thought it was going to be hard putting the mix together seeing as there isn’t too much new music around during the months of December and January but there actually ended up being some big releases. Some highlights on the mix are:

Jax Jones – You Don’t Know Me ft Raye

Pnau – Chameleon

Claptone – The Music Got Me (Justin Martin Remix)

FS: Taking it back slightly, what were some of your favourite moments of 2016?

AS: Signing to The Magicians ‘Potion’ label was a massive highlight for us. We’ve been fans of his for years and his label is a very highly regarded label within the dance community! We also got to play some label parties with him in the US and Europe. Looking forward to doing more of those in 2017. Another amazing moment was being contacted by one of our musical idols, Maxwell to ask us to remix his tune “All The Ways Love Can Feel”.

FS: Well it’s that time again.

Today we’re going to ask you a rather silly question – If the world was ending and you could only save it by playing a 15 minute DJ set to stall the apocalypse, what tracks would you choose?

AS: The Presets – My People

Daft Punk – Da Funk

Stardust – Music Sounds Better With You

Snap – Rhythm Is A Dancer

Paul Johnson – Get Down

FS: Lastly, what’s one of the weirdest things that’s happened to you while playing out live?

AS: We’ve told this story quite a few times but it’s one we’ll never forget…. We were playing a show in Newcastle and after our set, we were signing some posters, shirts, bodies etc and a guy came up to us with his prosthetic eye and asked us to sign it for him. As you could imagine we were in shock but we’re all about the fans so we humbly obliged. Once we signed it, he put it back in his head and went on his merry way.

FS: That is definitely something strange! Must have been a rather overwhelming situation to be in, in our opinion.

Thanks to The Aston Shuffle for the quick interview – you can check out their latest Only 100s mix, as well as their socials, below.

The Aston Shuffle



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