Listen: Suken – Lift Off

“Where On Earth Has Suken Gone?” was a question that littered many of our minds over the past few months. One of France’s rising talents in the electro business had seem to have fallen off the radar. But, never fear as Suken has undoubtedly returned with one of his strongest tracks to date.

Yes, Lift Off is a track worthy of ending many end of year lists. If you’re fond of the French electro genre, then you’ll instantly get the hang of what Suken is about. If you’re a newcomer – don’t worry, we’re here to help.

Suken starts off with a muffled look at this upcoming track, right before blasting into that sweet instrumental that we’ve grown to adore over the past few days. Even better, the chord progression to finish off the track – it completely took our breath away.

If you’re in the mood for more French electro, make sure to check out Sexy Brut’s compilation album, with singles by our good friends BASTION and Jules Field each making a dazzling appearance.




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