Listen: Adrian Wreck – Clip Clap Club Remixes EP

It’s been a long time since we have covered an entire release, such as an album or EP. Because of this, we now present to you Adrian Wreck’s Clip Clap Club Remixes EP, just recently released on the French independent label – So French Records.

With frequent guests on the label such as Vondkreistan – delving deep into the industrial techno genre, with his breathtaking mix and Butyreux all contributing in one form or another on the EP, it’s nice to see some fresh faces giving it their shot on this latest record.

Enter Karl Fraunhofer – with a strangely hypnotic rendition of Clip Clap Club, bringing out the freak in all of us. It’s a welcoming sound that we can all get behind.

Check out all the mixes of the EP below and get your electronic fix on So French’s newly implemented Bandcamp page, here.

Adrian Wreck



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