Daft Punk – Face To Face (Todd Edwards Remix)

For the last post of the year, I’ve decided to cover something not many people actually know about regarding Daft Punk’s Face To Face. Todd Edwards provides the vocals to this track, which are rich in emotion and detail just like Fragments of Time on Random Access Memories, but it’s his unreleased remix on Face To Face that really caught me off guard.

Browsing through Glenjamn’s videos like you do, I stumbled across a Todd Edwards video and my god… I heard quite possibly the greatest thing ever. For the opening 30 seconds or so, you hear a glimpse of Face To Face, but with a 90s spin on it and after further digging, it turns out that it is indeed an unreleased track by none other the House god himself.

Take a listen below! Also if you’re digging this, then check out his remix of Para One’s Elevation here!

Daft Punk



Todd Edwards



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