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TRACE7000 is the one of the latest artists to be signed to Tiga’s ‘Turbo’ label. Acid House is his game, producing some of the freshest beats we’ve heard in a while, with his new ‘Acid Habits’ EP being a great example of this.



FS: Hey all! Today we have an interview with Acid producer, TRACE7000. So tell me, what inspired you to create music?

T7000: I started when I was a little kid so it was mostly because I had nothing else to do. Back then the idea of making crappy beats on a PC was super exciting for me and wasn’t serious at all. As I grew older it gradually evolved from a hobby to something I did too often, and I was like, “Wow maybe this is something I want to do seriously”. Now it’s just an outlet for me, putting thoughts and ideas into a track and hopefully coming up with something exciting. Though most of the time I end up thinking “Wow that’s totally not what I had in mind but I like it”.

FS: Why the ‘Acid’ sound in particular though?

T7000: I like it because it’s the type of music I’d want to hear at parties but it’s weird music at the same time. I love the late eighties Chicago Acid stuff and some tracks are more influenced by that, others less.

FS: I adore the eighties when it comes to house, such unique music came out then! Describe to us briefly, how you got to work with Turbo?

T7000: Well I’ve always genuinely loved the stuff that they’ve put out, and for that simple reason I wanted to sign with them and kept sending them demos. I guess what helps most is to never assume “this” is the stuff they want to sign – in fact it’s best not to assume anything. I kept practising new stuff and only sent over the ones I liked best, and luckily they liked it too!

FS: Speaking of Turbo, did you meet Tiga? If so, what’s he like?

T7000: Yes I have, it was so cool but weird since I’ve been listening to his music for so long. He’s an incredibly kind person and just as well-spoken as he is in his interviews. Which is quite intimidating because I’m a stutterer, and guess what: I stammered a lot that day.

FS: Now your remix of Tiga and Boys Noize’s ‘100‘ is a great track! Any plans for new remixes soon?

T7000: Thank you! Yes I have a few remixes coming up but I’m not sure if I’m allowed to share yet. However I have a new track of my own for Shinichi Osawa’s upcoming SOFA DISCO compilation called ‘Make Me Wanna Dance’ and it’ll be released at the end of this month.

FS: Fantastic! I personally loved your ‘Acid Habits‘ EP too, what’s your favourite track on there?

T7000: I think my favourite track is the lead track, Acid Habits, which was probably the most out of my comfort zone too because I never really did minimal stuff before that. Funnily enough, the ongoing jungle drumsound you hear over and over was actually a high-note synth melody. I lowered it some octaves, lowered the frequency, almost peaked the resonance and put it through a bass guitar amp, and all of a sudden I had this minimal type of jungle percussion! I was like “How the f*** did this happen?”. Anyway I had a lot of fun making that track.

FS: Lastly, what’s your favourite album to come out this year?

T7000: Hmmm… the ones from Thundercat, Ghost Culture and Jamie xx are fantastic – I really can’t choose between any of them.

FS: The new Jamie xx album is one of my favourites for sure, thank you for taking the time to talk to us! You can check out his social links and his remix of Tiga and Boys Noize’s ‘100’ below.

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