Interview w/The Phantom’s Revenge


The Phantom’s Revenge isn’t your ordinary producer. He has the ability to manipulate samples and beats to make tracks which sound completely out of this world. Take tracks like Death by Chillwave and A Better Day for example, both are well-made masterpieces! Recently, Phantom has released a track on the new Monstart compilation entitled Secret Full Contact Event and it’s an amazing techno track that’ll keep you going until the early hours of the night. Check it out below the interview!


FS: Hey all! Today we have a short interview with French musician, The Phantoms Revenge! So tell me… What is it that sets apart the French House genre from all the other House genres?

TPR: I wouldn’t know, I’m not big on genre analysis, to me it’s just a variation of something that was already there and mostly coming from Chicago, French House, Filter House, Disco House etc. It’s all the same to me.

FS: As well as this, who influences you to make music?

TPR: Movies, Paul Johnson and basically all the names you can hear in Daft Punk – Teachers, now there’s too many things I like and everything is an influence.

FS: The way you chop up samples is so unique, how long does it take to finish a track with all these samples?

TPR: I don’t really count, if I really like something, it can be super fast as the technical part of chopping is not a problem anymore. Usually laziness gets in the way because it’s a lot of work, and well no one likes to chop a dozen vegetables in a very peculiar shape to then end up throwing the salad away, but that’s what I do about 70% of the time. But, what most people don’t get is that it’s not the chopping that takes all the time, it’s the digging, unless you don’t give a damn and just sample whatever.

FS: You also toured Asia recently, what was it like over there?

TPR: Amazing, I’ve met the best people and loved the food, didn’t get to see the full tour but I hope soon, I still need to see Japan.

FS: Can you drop any hints towards what your next EP will be like?

TPR: It will be like Van Damme fighting dudes in Speedos in empty pools in the movie Lionheart.

FS: That sounds very intriguing! Finally, the hardest question you will ever answer. Zidane or Pirlo?

TPR: I love Pirlo but Zidane is like my own version of Jesus.

FS: Thank you for taking the time to talk to us! You can check out his social media outlets and his new track on the Palm Club Vol.2 compilation down below. Keep your eyes peeled for his new EP as well!

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The Phantom’s Revenge