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Bart B More is an influential figure in the electronic music scene, producing and DJing across the world. Most notable for tracks like Brap and Traction, his tracks are energetic and high-octane thrill rides. This year also sees the release of his first album, Sat Nam, and he’s here to talk about it with us!


FS: Hey all! Today we’re talking to Dutch DJ/Musician, Bart B More and we’re going to jump straight into the interview. Out of all the labels you’ve produced on, what was your favourite label to work with and why?

B: I’ve worked with quite a few labels so far and I’ve never really had any negative experiences with any of them, so to pick just one wouldn’t do the others justice. I’d like to give Mark Knight and Toolroom Records a honoury mention though! They were the first ones to release my music, they also really have their stuff together and are always a pleasure to bump into on the road.

FS: As well as this, you must have had the opportunity to work with some huge artists?

B: Yeah, I’ve had the pleasure to work with some really cool artists. Most importantly, I’ve had the opportunity to work with great people. I think that if you don’t vibe with each other outside of the studio, you don’t really vibe inside the studio either.

FS: What’s your opinion on the EDM genre as a whole?

B: I still don’t exactly know what ‘EDM’ is supposed to represent. I feel as if it just became this term to classify mainstream dance music, right? In the last few years I haven’t really been inspired by mainstream dance music, but lately now that the house and bassline sound is coming back, I’ve been hearing some cool stuff in my surroundings. It’s kinda led me back to my roots to touch back on that sound.

FS: I couldn’t agree more. Do you think as well that EDM will ever die out and get replaced by another genre?

B: I think ‘it’ will fade away and evolve into something new eventually, but then it might be back later in time. Music, just like fashion for example, moves in waves. Something that was popular once will usually be revisited, it’s just a matter of time. A lot of popular dance music lately sounds like it could have been made in the 90’s!

FS: Down to business now, your new album SAT NAM. Describe to us briefly what it entails?

B: It’s a collective of music I’ve made over the span of roughly 5 or so years. Like I mentioned earlier, it was a phase where I had difficulties finding any inspiration from the music I’d heard through my environment as a DJ, so I had to search for it in different places. I found it in anything, from movies to inspiring people to older music. The album touches on different sounds and moods, and it shows many different sides of myself as a music producer and a music lover!

FS: Finally, any new remixes planned at all? I particularly loved your remixes of Jack Ü’s and Chocolate Puma’s tracks!

B: Thank you! Yes, I just did a remix for Martin Solveig’s ‘+1‘ which sounds heavily UK bass influenced, a direction I’ve been exploring more lately in the last months…

FS: Yes! I’ll be looking out for that one soon! Thank you Bart for taking the time to talk to us. Check out his links and his new album below:

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Bart B More



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