Boys Noize – Go Hard EP

Boys Noize‘s Go Hard EP is what you get if you throw a rave, two robots, and trap music into a blender – it’s unconventional, yet it surprisingly works!

Whoa, Whoa hold up. You want me to turn the music up? Excuse Me? Boys Noize’s opener is an epitome to the rave music scene, being so massive that it’ll keep you moving until the next day. Following that, there’s Inhale/Exhale – an absolute monster of a song, lasting only a minute and a half with powerful drums and overpowering robot voices, which was made famous by one of Boys Noize’s Boiler Room sets back in 2013.

Starwin reminds us of two particular robots with its particularly catchy melody and summer vibe! The stunning track will stick around in your head for what seems like an eternity. On the opposite end of the spectrum, there’s Go Hard, an aggressive, in-your-face attempt at trap music. Coincidentally, Boys Noize would go on to work with American trap artist, RL Grime, on his debut album, Void. And last, but not least, we have Push Em Up, which is quite both massive and energetic, keeping you on edge until the end of the EP.

Though Go Hard isn’t something to rave over, it’s still one of Boys Noize’s finest creations! So, if you’re feeling adventurous, you should try out his latest album, Out of the Black, which is full of floor-stompers.

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