6 Radiant Retrowave Tracks That You’ll Love

Also known as synthwave, outrun and futuresynth, retrowave is arguably one of electronic music’s fastest growing genres. Gaining popularity in the early 2000s, the 80s-inspired music really hit its stride after branching out to wider communities around the world, with artists, such as Kavinsky and Com Truise, leading the charge.

Today, we continue to spread that very same sound, setting our sights on a selection of new retrowave singles from Mike Simonetti, Mitch Murder and several others. Tune in below as we celebrate the aesthetics of all of this retrofuturistic noise:

Boarder Pass

Produced By: James Rod

Why You Should Listen: Spacial synths, atmospheric leads and collected energy? You can expect all of that and more in James Rod’s Boarder Pass. Out now via independent record label, Eclectics.

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Produced By: Heels Machine

Why You Should Listen: Heels Machine’s Diana is a transformative track, with elements of acid techno and electro surging throughout. If you’re looking for a dynamic single to add to the music collection, look no further. Heels Machine has you covered.

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Produced By: Mitch Murder

Why You Should Listen: Watch out, Liam Neeson. Mitch Murder’s Taken will give you a run for your money. Really, the Swedish DJ/producer impresses in the sinister single, grabbing our attention with robust basslines, menacing themes and sensational synth-work. 10/10 in our books!

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The Magician

Produced By: Mike Simonetti

Why You Should Listen: Welcome New Jersey-based musician, Mike Simonetti, to The French Shuffle! Though the American talent has produced ambient and tech house in the past, he seamlessly shifted to synthwave in his latest work, The Magician. And, the results were pretty impressive.

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The Void (Rayko Remix)

Produced By: Rayko // Ilya Santana

Why You Should Listen: Remember the movie, Drive? Well, Rayko’s The Void remix definitely should’ve featured on the film’s soundtrack. It has all of the dark rhythms, heady kits and vintage power you could ever want.

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Thirteen’s Ladder

Produced By: Kolt13

Why You Should Listen: And last, but not least, we have Kolt13 and his eclectic single, Thirteen’s Ladder. To be honest, it fell somewhere between synthwave, electro and breaks genres, but (given the video-game synths) we thought it’d fit in perfectly here. Ready for four minutes of high-octane electronic music? Tune in now.

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