5 Songs to Listen to on Long Drives

What better way to start 2018 than to give a nod to the 2011 movie, Drive. Directed by Nicolas Winding Refn, the neo-noir film follows the story of a skilled stuntman who moonlights as a getaway driver.  Throughout the iconic movie, we also hear a sensational soundtrack, featuring releases from Kavinsky, Electric Youth and more.

To honor the retro-futuristic soundtrack, we’ve compiled a selection of five songs to listen to on long drives. Tune in below and show your support for these artists:

4h30 (À Tous Remix)

Produced By: À Tous (Original track by DANGER)

Why You Should Listen: À Tous’s remix of this DANGER classic adds a little more edge to the original, powering through with robust bass lines, crisp leads and video game synths. Definitely a tune to add to the music collection!

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Odd Look

Produced By: Kavinsky

Why You Should Listen: Featuring Canadian vocalist, The Weeknd, Kavinsky’s Odd Look delivers a wave retro-future energy and spirited sound. Having charted in Belgium, France and the U.S., it’s no wonder why we have this one on repeat.

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Over Again (Crème Prulée Remix)

Produced By: Crème Prulée

Why You Should Listen: Fan of the bloghaus era? Then, we hope you didn’t miss this gem. Austrian DJ/producer, Crème Prulée, transforms Kid Rad’s Over Again into one of the most danceable, electro jams to-date.

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Produced By: Yuksek

Why You Should Listen: Brawny leads? Check. Exhilarating builds? Check. Robotic vocals? Check. Banging bass lines? Check. Yuksek’s Tonight has everything you want and more, gracing listeners with some smashing dance music.

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Waiting for the Stars

Produced By: Vitalic

Why You Should Listen: This drive playlist wouldn’t be right without an appearance from Vitalic. Having just released Waiting for the Stars in 2017, the phantasmal track takes listeners on a galactic adventure, with sparkly trinkets and new wave accents paving the way.

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