14 Incredibly Good (& New) French House Songs

Yuksek – does that name ring a bell? How about Uppermost? Well, either way, you’re in luck because both producers and many more have released a slew of new music that will keep you dancing all night long. Think you’re ready for a selection of incredibly good (and new) french house singles? Tune in below and find out:


Produced By: Superfunk

Why You Should Listen: French electronic act, Superfunk, is most well-known for their 2000 release, Lucky Star. However, it’s time that we break away from the past and shine new light on the present, and the group’s latest single, Bangalter, does just that.

Out now via Computer Science, the French duo’s newest track pays homage to house pioneer and one half of Daft Punk, Thomas Bangalter, laying down a wave of disco-funk artifacts and filter house beats. French touch at its best? We think so. Tune in below!

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Casino Zone

Produced By: Eliot the French Kid

Why You Should Listen: It’s safe to say that the new era of French touch artist has arrived and Eliot the French Kid is certainly helping lead the movement. In new track, Casino Zone, the whizkid teams up with hip hop artist, Lé Real, to create a unique blend of upbeat disco and collected rap rhythms. Simply put, we haven’t heard anything like this since LBCK’s Real Caviar.

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Produced By: Miike More

Why You Should Listen: Miike More is back! But, what’s so great about his most recent track? Well, the Barnaul native shows his true versatility, shifting away from his traditional, upbeat electro sound to a more relaxed, smooth disco jam. More’s DANCE is criminally good, with R&B flavor and funk spirit paving the way. What can we expect from him next?

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Produced By: Cymatique

Why You Should Listen: Cymatique’s Equivalence is a clear sign that french electro has come back and is here to stay. Really, the masterful medley brilliantly fuses together the sounds of dirty funk, shimmering guitars and vintage synths in a 3-minute epic. French house and french electro fans, alike, will get a kick out of this one.

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Etranges Nuages (Yuksek Remix)

Produced By: Bertrand Burgalat // Yuksek

Why You Should Listen: The Parisian prince of disco-funk delivers again. That’s right! French DJ/producer, Yuksek, marks his return with a soulful remix of Bertrand Burgalat’s sensual single, intoxicating listeners with creamy bass lines, bluesy chords and much more. Another masterpiece? Let us know what you think.

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Hiya (Gyrotron Remix)

Produced By: Flyover // Gyrotron

Why You Should Listen: Gyrotron first appeared on our radar back in 2015 with his funky remix of Daft Punk’s iconic track, Digital Love. Since then, the American musician has been hard at work, releasing a bundle of original songs and remixes that have spanned across french house, synthwave and electro-pop genres.

Today, however, we set our sights on one of his latest sounds: a retro-electro/funk remix of Flyover’s Hiya. If you were ever curious about a Janski Beeeats-Yuksek collaboration, we’re fairly certain that this is what it would sound like. Tune into Hiya (Gyrotron Remix) now!

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Produced By: Tendencies

Why You Should Listen: Tendencies can never disappoint. It’s as if the Canadian artist has perfected disco house in a way that other producers just can’t comprehend. With smooth bass rolls, metallic kits, filtered melodies and elegant spirit, Tendencies’s Jammin’ puts listeners under a spell that can never be escaped. But, to be honest, we never want to stop playing this funky anthem.

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Love (Dynamique Edit)

Produced By: Louis La Roche // Dynamique

Why You Should Listen: Louis La Roche and Dynamique, all in one? That’s right – we just upgraded your day tenfold. Paying tribute to the Norwich native, Dynamique remakes the producer’s 2008 release, pristinely resampling Michael Jackson’s It’s the Falling in Love in stellar fashion.

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Love Reaction (95 Royale Remix)

Produced By: Fire Flowerz // 95 Royale

Why You Should Listen: Early followers of The French Shuffle may remember that we interviewed Italian duo, Fire Flowerz, back in 2015. Highlighting them for their versatility in sound and style, we touched on their crafty collaboration with Solidisco, which saw the two acts deliver some of the most feel-good music we’ve heard to-date.

Now, we see one of our french house favorites, 95 Royale, remix Fire Flowerz’s disco house single, Love Reaction, in the best of ways. Check out the remix treatment now and show your support for 95 Royale.

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Produced By: Ev.exi

Why You Should Listen: Welcome Ev.exi to The French Shuffle! Though it’s the producer’s first appearance here, we’re nothing but impressed with the resampling magic in new track, Parallel. Splendidly reimaging Pure Energy’s Spaced Out into a future funk adventure, the Glasgow producer makes a statement that he’s talented and he’s here to stay. We can’t wait to hear what Ev.exi cooks up next!

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Step by Step

Produced By: Uppermost

Why You Should Listen: A proper french touch roundup wouldn’t exist if Uppermost wasn’t included. Luckily, the musical prodigy just teamed up with vocalist, Sôra, in his latest release, Step by Step, and it’s the mystical jam we’ve all been waiting for. Check it out now!

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Summertime Special (Naroni Remix)

Produced By: Le Phunk // Naroni

Why You Should Listen: Did someone ask for more funk? Well, you’re in luck. Naroni’s take on Le Phunk’s Summertime Special is a classic rinse of french house, delivering the ever-so popular grooves that graced listener’s ears in the late 1980s and early 1990s. We know you’ll enjoy this one.

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Produced By: Roisto

Why You Should Listen: In comparison to the other features here, Finnish DJ/producer, Roisto, carries out a more relaxed approach in flavorful song, Switch. Though the release moves at a leisurely pace, it has all of the makings of a summertime jam. Be sure to add this one to your music collection!

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The Basix

Produced By: Miami De Royce

Why You Should Listen: And last, but not least, we have Miami De Royce’s The Basix. It’s clean, funky and downright delicious, with fresh sounds and disco spirit at the forefront. Tune into The Basix now!

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