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Whether you like his personality or not, Kanye West is – without a doubt – one of the most talented musicians out there. His 13-year discography, alongside worldwide performances, film features and television appearances, speaks enough volumes. But, what we’re most impressed with is the lasting impact that the Atlanta native has made on the entire music industry.

We’ve seen the singer-songwriter-producer-designer breathe new life into old music, revamp one of Daft Punk’s most iconic singles and much more. Today, however, we set our sights on some of the best remixes of the hip hop artist’s releases. Tune in below as we dive into a hand-picked selection of the best remixes of Kanye West:

Number One (Sam Gellaitry Remix)

Produced by: Sam Gellaitry

Why You Should Listen: This is arguably the best Kanye West remix we’ve heard to-date. It’s full of funk, crafted with cool, dazzled with disco and stocked with spirit. What more could you ask for? It’s the perfect blend of Kanye’s unique style and Sam Gellaitry’s rare talent. Trust us, you won’t want to miss this one.

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American Boy (Bolivard Remix)

Produced by: Bolivard

Why You Should Listen: Were you surprised to see Bolivard here? We weren’t. The summer disco expert makes his return to The French Shuffle with tropical vibes, bright energy and smooth flavor. Well done, Bolivard.

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Stay Up! (JD. Reid Remix)

Produced by: JD. Reid

Why You Should Listen: Kaytranada fans, this one is for you. Low-key rhythms, crisp sounds, R&B flavor and intimate energy can be expected. JD. Reid’s sensual remix of Stay Up! is the perfect, late night party jam.

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American Boy (Hounded Remix)

Produced by: Hounded

Why You Should Listen: Another American Boy remix? Yes, indeed. The Kanye West-Estelle collaboration seems to be one of the most popular tracks to remix from the famed musician’s discography. Hounded’s rendition, however, takes a darker approach in sound and style – that is, in comparison to Bolivard’s summer disco rinse.

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Number One (Allure Remix)

Produced by: Allure

Why You Should Listen: Simply delightful – that’s the best way to describe Allure’s Number One remix. The track fuses Kanye and Pharrell’s joint power with shimmering guitars and sparkling synths.

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American Boy (Revenant Remix)

Produced by: Revenant

Why You Should Listen: According to DJ/producer, Revenant, this remix was “a very rushed remix thingy [he] started and gave up on” and “only uploaded because [he] was requested to.” Nonetheless, we’re quite impressed with the release, as it pieces together a blend of disco-funk and french touch in an elegant way. Don’t believe us? Just tune in for yourself.

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