9 Best Albums from 2017 (So Far)

So far, 2017 has been a success for contemporary electronic music talents. We’ve seen a number of high-profile releases come out throughout the year, along with a surge of fresh remixes and edits as well. But today, we focus solely on the best LPs released in 2017, including Siriusmo’s Comic, Jamiroquai’s Automaton and more.

Tune in below as we dive deep into nine of the best albums of the year (so far). Please note: at the time of writing this, we hadn’t listened to the Bloody Beetroots’s The Great Electronic Swindle or Washed Out’s Mister Mellow yet, so don’t be mad at us.

Com Truise – Iteration

Released via: Ghostly International

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Why you should listen: Now, when we first heard Com Truise’s Iteration, we had a really difficult time describing the energy that it came with. After thousands of listens through, however, the record’s vibe is crystal clear: sinister synthwave for internal reflection, the perfect nighttime drive or retro-futurist revival.

That’s right – this 12-track LP serves up a wave of music that is transformative, dynamic and inspirational, all in one. Whether you fancy the darker sounds of Syrthio or the surging synth-work in Vacuume, each single in this release firmly grasps the senses and takes listeners on a joyride.


Released via: 1789 Records

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Why you should listen: DANGER’s 太鼓 may have been one of the most sought-after productions of the year. French electronic fanboys, like ourselves, have been following the enigmatic musician since 4h3011h30 and 22h39 releases, so it’s no wonder why the LP picked up so much steam. Coupled with the fact that 太鼓 would be the French producer’s debut album, the record was certain to be a success.

The 15-track release is a slight departure from what we’re accustomed to hearing from DANGER, but it is nonetheless amazing. Rather than the hard-hitting electro anthems he has grown to deliver, the Parisian artist took a much more experimental approach in sound and style. Just listen in for yourself.

ED REC 100

Released via: Ed Banger Records

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Why you should listen: 100 releases from Ed Banger Records? Now, that’s something to celebrate. Since the French label’s inception in 2003, the recording house has developed itself as a mainstay in the disco, French house and even hip hop music scenes.

So, how do you honor the success of (arguably) one of the best record labels of all time? Well, you pull together some of its greatest producers, including Busy P, Justice, Boston Bun, Feadz and many more, and you publish some of your latest sounds. Simply put, Ed Rec 100 is magnificent.

Jamiroquai – Automaton

Released via: Virgin EMI

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Why you should listen: Jamiroquai’s Automaton is the perfect mix of vintage funk, new school rhythms,  driving energy and smooth sound. Elegantly fusing acoustic and analog elements across a 12-track record, the British acid jazz-funk band will have you dancing like we all were when 1996 hit, Virtual Insanity, was first released.

What’s most impressive about Jamiroquai is their ability to their authentic energy and soul throughout the years. Though their style has shifted slightly, the magic they bring to listeners is unwavering.

Jacques Green – Feel Infinite

Released via: LuckyMe Records

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Why you should listen: Thoughtfully experimental and Chicago-inspired sound. Those are the first words that come to mind when listening to Jacques Green’s Feel Infinite record. The album is seamlessly crafted with tight noises, perfectly placed synths, mini-injections of funk and much more, and we can’t get enough of it. Late night party people – this newfangled release is a must-have for you.

Oliver – Full Circle

Released via: Interscope Records

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Why you should listen: Glowing leads, spacial synths, rocking bass lines and dance-driven disco? What more could you want? Well, Los Angeles-based duo, Oliver, deliver all of that and more in their debut record, Full Circle.

Did you expect any different? Oliver have honored our ears in the past with a number of high profile remixes, including revamps of Fred Falke, BØRNS and Leon Else. But, this time, we get the chance to see the act unleash a big wave of original work, alongside fellow collaborators (MNDR, Leon Else, Sam Sparro, De La Soul, Chromeo, Elohim, Scott Mellis and Yelle).

Prepare yourself for some of the funkiest sounds of season. Now playing: Oliver – Full Circle.

Siriusmo – Comic

Released via: Monkeytown Records

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Why you should listen: Here’s something we’ve all been waiting for: Siriusmo’s return to the electronic music scene. We knew that it was inevitable, given that the Berlin native hinted at a comeback in July with a sneak peek of his new album. We just didn’t know when.

Fast forward several months and we see the German DJ/producer deliver a funky new album, filled with his authentic sound and collected vibes. Oddly enough, the 14-track release reminds us of a cross between Mr. Oizo and Busy P, and we love it. Let Siriusmo take you on a wild ride in Comic.

Soulwax – From Deewee

Released via: Play It Again Sam

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Why you should listen: Soulwax’s eighth studio album finally arrived this year, mixing and mashing analog electronica with powerful, alternative rock spirit. What’s interesting is that the new record dials in on uncomplicated rhythms and fluid noises, keeping listeners un-fussed with the complexities we often hear in contemporary music.

Really, the Belgian group’s From Deewee revives a cool, calm and collected vibe that was ever so present in 90s rock, yet it bridges the gap into the new era, with supporting synth work to complement. Our thoughts? Easily a 9/10.

Vitalic – Voyager

Released via: Universal Music France

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Why you should listen: And last, but certainly not least, we have Vitalic’s Voyager album. Through and through, the record maintains this galactic, yet sinister, sparkle that we haven’t really heard since Kavinsky’s Outrun release in 2013. And, although it’s not really a synthwave LP, it certainly has this “drive into the sunset” vibe that we’ve all been longing for.