Tame Impala Release New B-Sides EP

As unexpected, and as out of the blue as it seems, Tame Impala have just recently released a new EP. It’s a rather conflicting release, simply because it’s an extended look at the Currents album that was released back in 2015. Surely enough, we do get to take a look at some new material, that didn’t make it onto the full length record.

List Of People (To Try And Forget About) is a soft and twisted ballad of wicked ways, honing in on the lust that Kevin Parker has for music-making. It’s a wonder why this didn’t make this onto the album, as it has as much of a spot on the podium compared to other songs like Disciples, that were just way too short and bitter-sweet for the rest of the time being.

Powerlines revolutionised our minds and our wellbeing. You’re impacted straight away by the distorted guitar licks, building up to a structured and magnificent cluster of sounds and rhythms, and before you know it – Serenity.

Taxi’s Here is basically one giant metaphor for what happens after we die. Similar to likes of Let It Happen, you could say. Aside from the deep and meaningful lyrics, there’s a great song underneath this.

Oddly enough, Kevin decided to add two remixes onto this release. One remix is a track we’ve already touched upon, with that song being the Soulwax remix of Let It Happen. Jay Watson from Tame Impala, actually makes solo material under the moniker GUM, and gifts us something absolutely magical. His remix of Reality In Motion revels in the past expenditure of bands yet again like Soulwax and Hot Chip. It’s a welcome addition to this release.

Currents B-Sides & Remixes is available to stream here.

Tame Impala