3 French Electro Tracks You’ve Never Heard

Happy Tuesday, friends. Today, we introduce three up and coming DJ/producers in the French electro music scene: Dash30, Poetically and Husky. Tune in below as the trio of artists unleash some distorted funk and high-powered disco energy.


Produced by: Dash30

Why You Should Listen: Unlike the other two artists in this feature, Dash30 is a newcomer to The French Shuffle. And, what does he bring with him? Well, it sounds something like Justice’s single, Genesis, but with its own spin; introducing Dash30’s Heliotrope.

Think rock leads, robust bass lines, sweet synths and seemingly never-ending builds. That’s right! And, you can hear all Heliotrope has to offer here.

How To Flow (Poetically Remix)

Produced by: Poetically

Why You Should Listen: If you’re an avid fan of The French Shuffle, then you may have heard Poetically’s Water Games Edit several months ago. Since then, the Copenhagen-based producer has delivered a slew of remixes, along with a 14-track album.

Today, however, we set our sights on one of his most recent works, released just last month: a remix of Dirt White’s ambient song, How To Flow. Now, we’re not exactly sure how Poetically did it, but he managed to turn the soothing single into a French electro epic. Check it out now!


Produced by: Husky

Why You Should Listen: German DJ/producer, Husky, makes his return to The French Shuffle once again, with banging single, Hurt. Although the track has made waves over the course of the past year, we still feel that it needs some love.

From its soft synths and chopped vocals to its crushing leads and tight kits, Husky’s Hurt is an all-around masterpiece. Tune into Hurt!










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