YUNG BAE’s “Dat $tick” Remix is a Must-Hear

These days, the hip hop we tend to listen to falls in four buckets: Childish GambinoFeadz, CS Rucker or a remix of some famous rapper. In today’s case, we see the fourth option come to fruition as Portland native, YUNG BAE, releases a lush remix of Rich Chigga’s Dat $tick.

Filled with funky flavor, disco accents and elegant sound trinkets, the Oregon-based producer’s remix breathes new life into the 2016 release. Seriously, this one is a huge departure from the original track, integrating sophisticated dance energy with gruff-sounding rap.

Fans of LeMarquis, Kasket Club or Kource will certainly dig this one. So, don’t waste any time – stream Dat $tick (YUNG BAE Remix) now and download it here. Available for free download.



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