Krazy Baldhead Talks Ableton, Ed Banger & More


Back in the days before the likes of Boston Bun, Myd and Borussia joined the ranks of Ed Banger, there was only a small crew of people under the Ed Rec umbrella.

Krazy Baldhead, also known as Pierre-Antoine Grison, was amongst the originals. He released his first EP in 2004, titled Bill’s Breakand went on to release his Dry Guillotine EP in 2006.

In 2009, he would release his first album, The B-Suite. Separated into four different ‘movements’, the album featured the likes of Beat Assailant and Outlines.

The Noise Of The Sky is also another noteworthy mention, to be fair. Surabaya Girl always drums up some nostalgia, every time we listen to it.


FS: Krazy Baldhead, you’re a certified trainer in Ableton Live, aren’t you? What do you think that Ableton Live has, in terms of capabilities, compared to the likes of FL Studio and Cubase?

KB: Well firstly, beyond the purely technical stuff, Ableton is a very cool company. They have a real vision and they are dedicated to their user base (not that the other companies you mention are not, I just don’t know them as well as I know Ableton!). Besides that, I’d say that the main feature of Live is its ease of use, the fact that you can do almost anything in real-time without breaking the flow (and thus the creativity). There’s not much time between having an idea and making it happen. Other than that, all DAWs have their strengths and weaknesses, and Live is no exception. They try to improve after each release, and Live 10, which was just announced, addresses quite a few of the previous issues, plus brings some exciting new additions.

FS: Ah yes, Ableton Live 10. We imagine that the new software will make music creation, and other forms of musical ventures, a lot easier! 

Are there any DAWs that are up and coming, that might as much as an impact that Ableton Live did?

KB: There are always lots of things happening in this field, and people always come up with great ideas. But I don’t see something as huge as Live anywhere close. I mean Live encompasses a lot of aspects of music production: studio work, jamming, performance staging, audio effects and instrument design with MaxForLive. It’s really big. Actually, it let’s you do almost anything that’s needed in today’s musical experience. Of course there are some fields where some other software are stronger, but Live is already quite wide and open, plus it’s been proven reliable and CPU efficient over the years.

FS: Ed Banger just signed Myd recently, what’s your opinion on the Club cheval founding member?

KB: I think it’s a great addition to Ed Banger’s roster. He’s always been around, and I think his music is great. Plus he is a genuinely cool and freaky character!

FS: Oh yeah, didn’t he do a remix of Surabaya Girl, quite a while ago? Seems like he has a good history then!

Speaking of Ed Banger, can we expect any music from you anytime soon?

KB: I have some new music scheduled for release on Ed Banger, yes. It should be out in early 2018. Not a whole album, just a couple of tracks, but I’m really excited to have some stuff out! Right now I’m more focused on the training side of things, working with some other artists to set up their live shows, building their custom controllers and training them. It’s nice sometimes to be in the background as well, holding the strings and making sure everything runs smoothly.

FS: You heard it here first. Looks like we’re getting some new material from Krazy Baldhead next year!

Last of all, what’s been your favourite musical release of the year so far?

KB: This won’t sound very original, but I love Kendrick Lamar, his album has been one of the highlights of the year for me so far. In a different style, Cid Rim’s album is very good too.

FS: LuckyMe have been on fire haven’t they? Haven’t personally heard Cid Rim’s new stuff yet, but we’ve heard odd tracks here and there. We’re a big fan of Jacques Greene at the moment.

That’s all we’ve got time for now. We would like to say a massive thanks to Krazy Baldhead for talking to us on such a busy schedule. If you’re interested in learning anything about Ableton Live, or you just want to listen to his music, you can him on the socials below:

Krazy Baldhead



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